WSFF_2017 Official Selection

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WSFF_2017 Official Selection

We are pleased to announce the Official Selection for the Winchester Short Film Festival 2017.

If you are a filmmakers with a film that was included in the WSFF_2017 Long List, you should have received a personal email about the status of your film with regards to the Official Selection. If you have not received a personal email please contact asap

Not selected?
If your film is not in the Official Selection, please do not be disheartened. There was a very fine, almost invisible line, between some of those films not selected and those selected. Out of appreciation, filmmakers included in the Long List but NOT the Official Selection are entitled to complimentary tickets to all of the screenings and to attend the Filmmakers Networking Party before the Award Ceremony. Contact the festival team at to benefit from this offer. It’s the least we can do.

If your film is included in the Official Selection it is VERY IMPORTANT that your read all the notes below.

Awards and prizes.

Award Ceremony
The winners and special mentions of each category will be announced at the Award Ceremony on Saturday 11 November. The Award Ceremony is a black-tie event and will be attended by  filmmakers included in the Official Selection, dignitaries and special guests from within the industry. The official WSFF film crew will be conducting interviews with willing filmmakers and an official photographer will be present . All  filmmakers are entitled to one complimentary ticket and we advise that you attend. In order to be fair to all filmmakers, two extra ticket for crew, family or friends can be purchased online here. Extra tickets are on a first come first serve basis.

If you are the director/producer of a film in the Official Selection and are unable to attend the black tie award ceremony, please try to arrange for someone to be present to represent you. If no-one is able to represent you , please let us know before 20th October.

All films in the Official Selection will be considered for screening at one of 6 venues across the city during the festival week. Not all the films in the Official Selection will be screened during the week of the festival. Some will be screened at an official WSFF screening at another date, before August 2018. That your film is not being screened during the festival week has no bearing on your chances of being a category winner and we strongly advise that you attend the award ceremony. This is particularly the case for films included in the Official Selection for Best Documentary Short; Best Animated Short; Best New Director and The Hampshire Prize.

If your film is being screened during the week of the festival, you will be invited to introduce your film. A full list of films being screened during the festival week will be on the festival Box Office from 15th October:

Introductory Video
If your film is being screened during the festival week and you are NOT able to attend to introduce your film, could you please send an introduction video (under 1 minute) before 25th October. It is very important for the audience that the film is introduced (in person or by way of a short introductory film).

Tickets to screenings
Tickets to all screenings are complimentary for yourself and one guest/crew/cast member. In order to acquire your complimentary tickets, please let us know which screenings you would like to attend and names of the people who will be attending before 25th October. Email:

Filmmakers Networking Party
If you would like to attend the filmmakers Networking Party before the Award Ceremony on 11 November (’s fun, usefuland free), please email

Information Pack
A information pack about the city, accommodation, transport, restaurants, ect is available to download on our website.

Official Selection Laurels
For use with Official Selection films only 

WSFF_2017 Official Selection Laurel – Black Transparent

WSFF_2017 Official Selection laurel – White Transparent
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WSFF_2017 Best British Short
Official Selection

9 Fares
Directed by Angus Campbell Golding

A Father’s Day
Directed by Mat Johns

Article 50
Directed by Marcus J. Richardson

Belle and Bamber
Directed by Alex Forbes

Catch of the Day
Directed by Geraint Reynolds

Cautionary Tales
Directed by Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor

Chippy Tea
Directed by Will Herbert

Directed by Nick Flügge

Directed by Robert Duncan

Directed by Steve McCarten

Home Education
Directed by Andrea Niada

Directed by Eric Romero

Directed by Radley Mason

Directed by Ben Hyland

Passion Gap
Directed by Jason Donald & Matt Portman

Directed by Brendan Cleaves

Seeing Him
Directed by Chris Jones

The Gift
Directed by John Quarrell

Directed by Tom Hancock & Varun Raman

WSFF_2017 Best Foreign Short Film
Official Selection

A Swedish Classic
Directed by Måns Berthas

Directed by TS Prasanna

Directed by Matthias Kreter

Directed by Bartosz Kruhlik

Directed by Rahul V. Chittella

Directed by Joschka Laukeninks

Be Open
Directed by Marcell Fehér

Directed by Christophe Clin

Directed by Patrycja Polkowska

Consenting Adults
Directed by Alice Gruia

Directed by Luke Tierney

Directed by Gonzaga Manso

Hard Way
Directed by Daniel Vogelmann

Kawaguchi 4256
Directed by Anshul Chauhan

Directed by Eric Romero

Lunch Time
Directed by Alireza Ghasemi

Directed by Leonard Garner

Nicole’s Cage
Directed by Josef Brandl

Directed by Motoyuki Itabashi

On the Road
Directed by Bartosz Nowacki

The Palphone App
Directed by Thomas Grascoeur

The Best Fireworks Ever
Directed by Aleksandra Terpinska

The Cherry Tree
Directed by Matthieu Boivineau

The Girls Were Doing Nothing
Directed by Dekel Berenson

The Last 2 Days
Directed by Dimitris Georgiev

The Peculiar abilities of Mr Mahler
Paul Philipp

The Transfer
Directed by Michael Grudsky

Directed by Julian Vares

Up and Arise
Raanan Berger

We could have, we should have, we didn’t
Directed by David M. Lorenz

Whoever Was Using This Bed
Directed by Andrew Kotatko

Wintry Spring
Directed by Mohamed Kamel

WSFF_2017 Best Documentary
Official Selection

Directed by Tom Huntingford

Directed by Katharina Woll

Hattie Goes Cruising
Directed by Konstantin Bock

Directed by Sam Peeters

Directed by Colia Vranici

Orchids Never Die
Directed by Olivia Martinez de la Grange

Skim for England
Directed by Tom Oxenham

Snack Bar
Directed by Christoph Eder & Jonas Eisenschmidt

The Fourth Kingdom
Directed by Alex Lora-Cercos

WSFF_2017 Best Animation
Official Selection

Au Revoir Balthazar
Directed by Rafael Sommerhalder

Call of Cuteness
Directed by Brenda Lien

Directed by Andreas Feix

Directed by Pedro Solís García

Ex Terrat
Directed by Reinhold Bidner

Directed by Lee Charlish

Our Wonderful Nature
Directed by Tomer Eshed

Panic Attack!
Directed by Eileen O’Meara

Perfect Town
Directed by Anaïs Voirol

To Build a Fire
Directed by Fx Goby

Trumpet Man
Directed by Emily Wong

WSFF_2017 Best New Director
Official Selection

Girl A
Directed by Jess O’Brien

Last Chance
Directed by Jamie Lucas

The Enigma Duel
Directed by Tomas Gold

WSFF_2017_Hampshire Prize
Official Selection

A Place For Everything
Directed by Barnaby Boulton

Any Hero Will Do
Directed by Scott Castles

Birthday Boy
Directed by Maisie Bruno

Black For A Cause
Directed by Stephen Thompson

Directed by Connor Cleary

But What About The Monsters?
Directed by Francesca Woodcock

Cassette Boy
Directed by Matthew Campbell

DDLN (Dames De La Nuit)
Directed by Oscar Ferguson

Dying For A Living
Directed by Adriana Falcinelli

Fallen Leaves
Directed by Elliot Wallis

Directed by Aram Atkinson

From Here On In
Directed by Samuel Gamble

Directed by Tom Harden & Joel Barney

Inspiration Quote Syndrome
Directed by Gabrielle Wood

My Mother, Nature
Directed by Awi Rabelista

Directed by Will Nash

The Director
Directed by Oscar Horseman

The Farm
Directed by Matthew Harrison

The House Awakening
Directed by Florence Kennard

The Hunt
Directed by Bensalem Mitchell

The Man Who Stopped
Directed by Joseph Reaney

What Goes Up
Directed by Jeannette Savage