2014 Winners

Lovers Lookout
Director: Richard Anthony Dunford
Winner: Best Drama
Winner: Greatest Emotional Impact
Runner up: Best Original Screenplay
Synopsis: A gentleman spots a saddened lady while out for a stroll and goes over to comfort her.


A Fish Called Keith
Director: Steven Dorrington
Runner Up: Best Drama
Runner Up: Greatest Emotional Impact
Synopsis: A young girl’s goldfish keeps mysteriously dying.

53. A Fish Called Keith

Director: Julius Whiteman
Winner: Best Original Screenplay
Synopsis: Couple Samantha and John, in order to get their relationship back on track, decide to hire a baby.

29. Baby

Director: Matthew Fryer
Winner: Best Animation
Synopsis: An unhappy man makes his way through another bland day.


A Stuffed Pufferfish in London
Director: Rebecca Hopkinson
Runner up: Best Animation
Runner Up: Best Director under 22
Synopsis: Chance encounters with a pufferfish that was lost on the London Underground.


The History of World War 1
Director: Chris Hobbs
Winner: Best Non-Fiction Short
Synopsis: Filmed in one take, the documentary re-imagines the key moments of the Great War.

8. History of WW1FB

Sleeping Beauty
Director: Izzy Hammett
Runner Up: Best Non-Fiction Short
Synopsis:Drama-documentary used to bring awareness of the struggle faced by people with ME.

17. Sleeping Beauty

Director: Tom Hope
Winner: Best Fine Art Short
Winner: Best Director Under 22
Synopsis: A space for the mind to wander in a world of simultaneous memory.

The Love Gift
Director: Jane Anne Hunter
Runner Up: Best Fine Art Short
Synopsis: The short asks a question: Is film an archetype in the collective unconscious?
23. love gift

Three Hands
Director: James Newman
Winner: The Breeze Best Music Video
22. three_hands

Money Tree
Director: Alick Cotterill
Runner Up: Best Music Video
2. money_tree_poster

Best Director under 22
Winner: Artefact by Tom Hope
2nd: A Stuffed Pufferfish in London by Rebecca Hopkinson

Director: Maisie Bruno
3rd Place: Best Director Under 22
Synopsis: Fine Art:
When Marcus finds a camera buried in the sand, not everything is as it seems.


Director: Matt Livingston
Winner: Best Director under 22
Winner: Best Film
Synopsis: Drama:
A young boy with a cart of sweets does his delivery round in leafy suburbia – so it seems.


Director: Joe Heap
2nd: Best Director Under 18
Synopsis: Drama: Two boys being hunted are split up, leaving one of them to face their pursuer alone.


Mr. Atom

Director: Dylan Thompson
3rd: Best Director Under 18
Synopsis: Drama: An eccentric young writer struggles to find an ending for his story.

Mr Atom

Overall Best Short Film
Sugar by Matt Livingston

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